About the GNU HaliFAX Project

GNU HaliFAX is a GNU project dedicated to provide a complete free software fax client package. It is targetting free fax systems such as HylaFAX, mgetty+sendfax or efax.

Originally, this project started as two separate components: GFax, now the GNU HaliFAX Sender written by George Farris and ghfaxviewer, the GNU HaliFAX Viewer written by Wolfgang Sourdeau.

Now, this project is not just about a fax sender program or a fax viewer program. We plan to add an administrative frontend, a client frontend which will permit you to download faxes from your server, a monitoring applet. All of which will depend on libraries such as the GNU HaliFAX Tranport library, in the most modular way.

Our main target is HylaFAX, because it is the most complete fax server system. However, not everyone needs the power of HylaFAX and actually what is needed to support that system is not difficult to modify in order to support mgetty+sendfax or efax.

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