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Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists associated with GNU GLOBAL.


Bug report Mailing list and Help Mailing list are moderated (Moderated mailing list). Though it might take a little time to accept your mail, it will be surely accepted if it is not a SPAM. Please wait for a while until your article is accepted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bug report Mailing list

If you have found a bug or you have a proposal for improvements in GLOBAL and GLOBAL's site then please send a mail to <[email protected]>.

This list distributes, to the active maintainers of GLOBAL and GLOBAL's site, bug reports and fixes for, and proposals for improvements in GLOBAL. This list is also for user discussion.

At least, you should describe the followings about the bugs:

  • What is your environment (OS)?
  • Which version of GLOBAL are you using?
  • What did you do? (command line)
  • What did you expect from it?
  • What was occurred? (as is)
Since mails in this list are archived and may be referred to later, please complete information in your mail. If possible, please avoid description which refers to external sites, because it brings lack of information in the future. In addition, there are people who dislike web use for fear of viral infection. Please also consider such people.

About patches, please obey the followings if possible:

  • Please make patches for the master repository.
  • Please don't mix unrelated things into a patch.
  • Please attach patches to the mail without referring to external sites.

To subscribe this list, please visit
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Bug-global Archives.

Help Mailing list

If you need help about GLOBAL, then please send a mail to <[email protected]>.

This list is the place for authors, users and installers of GLOBAL to ask for help.

Please obey the following manners:

  • Before sending a mail, please read 'FAQ' and tutorial(doc/global.texi) in the GLOBAL package.
  • Don't send bug reports or suggestions to this list; mail them to [email protected] instead.
  • Please tell your environment (OS) and the version of GLOBAL which your are using.
  • Please describe the problem BY EXAMPLE instead of an abstract expression.
To subscribe this list, please visit
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Help-global Archives.

Announcements Mailing list

This list distributes announcements and progress reports on GLOBAL.

To subscribe this list, please visit
See also General Information about info-* lists.
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Info-global Archives.

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