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A GNU Head

You may prefer to use the Bold GNU Head, which is the version now used by the Free Software Foundation on any new GNU-emblem items and stickers.

 [Image of the head of a GNU] 

A handsome GNU head with typical beard and smart-looking curled horns. He or she appears to be smiling contentedly with its works as of yet, but it still gazes off into the distance.

This image was the default art for pages on this website, including GNU's home page. It was also used on the front of the 1997 GNU t-shirt, and the spine of many GNU manuals.

Original image

It was drawn by Etienne Suvasa, who has also done several covers for FSF publications.

  • PNG  2kB (129x122),  5kB (276x261)
  • JPEG  5kB (129x122),  18kB (276x261)
Redrawn version

The original image was enlarged and redrawn by Peter Gerwinski.

ASCII version

It was made by SpAwN for ASCII-only terminals.

Copyright © 1996 Etienne Suvasa

These images are available under the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3, or the Free Art License, or the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License.

The GNU head is, however, also a trademark for the GNU Project. If you want to use the GNU head to link to a website run by the Free Software Foundation or the GNU project, feel free, or if you're using it in contexts talking about GNU in a supportive and accurate way, you can also do this without permission. For any other requests, please ask <[email protected]> for permission first.

Available for this page:

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